Thursday, June 27, 2013

Shadows of Messiah - DNA

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  1. Wow! I took Biology and Physics and A &P recently and God gave me a vision of Conics and from there I found the Biblewheel diagrams and began to see the Word of God in 3 circle. It took some time before I saw the spiral. I did a short sermon at church of the Feast of Trumpet and it was then I saw the spiral, the DNA shape in the Shofar. I had a desire in my heart to study Hebrew and learned more about the 22 letter of the Hebrew alphabet....but you have brought it all together with all the verses. Thank you! I have a few more things I could add, like Laminin and how Song of Songs and the Bride of Christ in Revelation, oh and the reason why women have hymens that contribute to God's Eternal Purpose....but if we don't use this information to lead us to salvation in Jesus Christ and letting His Life dwell in us then what is the point? It all points to beholding and reflecting Jesus and being conformed to His match Him and being prepared to be His Bride...the whole point of Creation, to be in relationship with Jesus! It was not good for the first man Adam to be alone and it is the Fathers heart to prepare a Bride for His Son....may we be more concerned with PREPARATION of our hearts than the CALCULATIONS that are so fun, and so awesome and mysterious. I LOVE this stuff! Most of all I want the veil of my heart torn to be completely punctured, pierce, penetrated and perforated by my God. Thanks again for putting all of this together ~ Joanna Joy

  2. Thanks for the comment Joanna. I am in complete agreement with you. May everything we do be done to bring Him praise and glory and honor as He transforms us from glory to glory.

    I would love to hear more of your revelations. I love to see His Hand in creation.